Namibia 2015 (in progress)

Cheetah - full tilt (captive)Crimson-breasted ShrikeRed-billed FrancolinSwainsons FrancolinAardvarkAfrican Grey HornbillSlender MongooseDik-dik maleBlack-face Impala maleBlack-backed JackalReticulated Giraffe males fightingReticulated Giraffe males fightingSwallow-tailed Bee EatersPurple RollerSouther Pale Chanting GoshawkSouthern Yellow-billed HornbillsSouthern Red-billed HornbillBlack Rhino at duskBurchell's StarlingMale Ostrich displays to femaleElephant close-upLion stands over lionessLioness portrait in shadeBlack-backed Jackal tears at Springbok carcassBlack Rhino mother and childYoung lions at a watering holeGiraffes in the mistNamibian Rock Agama femaleNamibian Farm GirlMakalani Palms along Namibian riverHimba FamilyHimba woman portraitCheetah close-upElandEtosha Giraffe in early morning lightKlip River valley from Grootberg LodgeKori Bustard in golden-hour lightLioness and Lion nuzzleRed-breasted SwallowsSpringbok, Acacia and the PanSpringbokZebra in profile